4 Best Places for Go Karting in Ottawa (Local’s Guide 2023)

Go karting is safe, suitable for almost all ages, easy to learn, and best of all? It’s fun! 

Go karts are small, four-wheeled vehicles. They work the same way as your average car, with a steering wheel, tires, brakes, engine, gas and brake pedals. 

Because go karts are stripped down to the vehicle basics, they are simple to drive. 

All you need is to throw on a helmet and strap yourself into a go kart to drive thrilling laps around outdoor go karting tracks. 

One of the best karting tracks in Ottawa is Top Karting. It’s close to Ottawa, open year round, and even has a bar. Read more below to learn prices and other details about Top Karting! 

Is there go karting in Ottawa?

Yes! There are several outdoor go karting Ottawa tracks. Amigo Karting Ottawa is just a short drive away and has two tracks for racers of all ages to drive. 

Or, make the one hour trip to Mont Tremblant’s Academie de Karting to take lessons in competitive go karting. 

Go karting Ottawa prices start at $28 CAD per 15 minutes of fun. All of the tracks near Ottawa are outdoors, so this activity is perfect for the spring, summer, or fall.

Ready to feel the wind in your hair? Read on for the best Ottawa go karting tracks!

4 Best Places for Go Karting in Ottawa

1. Top Karting Ottawa

Top speed: 56km/h
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, 12:00 PM, or 1:00 AM (depending on the day). 

Price: Rates start at $26.09 per 10 minutes for juniors, and $39.14 per 10 minutes for adults. 

Distance: 12 minute drive from downtown Ottawa.

For an afternoon or evening of fun, head to Top Karting! This Ottawa go karting track is 440 meters long, close to the city, and a perfect track for drivers of all ages. 

Top Karting is the only track near Ottawa that has a heated indoor and outdoor track. This makes it the only Ottawa go karting track that’s open during the winter. 

The facility also has a sports bar that overlooks the track, making it a perfect spot for adrenaline driving and drinks after a long work day.

Plus, Top Karting has a party room. They do group packages for corporate functions, conferences, bachelor parties, birthday parties, kids parties and more.

If you like a little competition, you can sign up for Top Karting’s adult or kids karting league, or take lessons at their karting academy. 

2. Amigo Karting

Top speed: 40km/h and 70km/h, track dependant 

Opening hours: Amigo Karting is open from mid April to early November. Daily hours vary throughout the season, but the track is open every day of the week.  

Price: Rates start at $28.70 per 15 minutes. 

Distance: 24 minute drive from downtown Ottawa.

This Ottawa go karting track is perfect for families because it has two (!) outdoor go kart tracks. 

Amigo Karting’s adrenaline circuit is a 630 meter loop that has two exhilarating 180 degree turns. This circuit is for adults only. 

The other track is a family-friendly circuit. It’s a 480 meter loop that is reserved for karts with a maximum speed of 40km/h.

What makes Amigo Karting even more unique, is that they offer various types of karts. Their mini-kart is designed for kids. It’s safer with a maximum speed of 30km/h. 

Adults can take a regular go kart – either individually, or in one of the double karts, which seat 2 people. Double karts are a great option for parents who want to race with their kids.

If you have a need for speed, take Amigo Karting’s superkart for a spin. These karts will make you feel like a race-car driver as they reach speeds of 70 km/h!

3. Le Circuit Quyon

Top speed: 45km/h

Opening hours: Le Circuit Quyon is open during spring, summer and early fall. Hours are Wednesday to Friday (12pm – 6pm) and Saturday to Sunday (11am – 6pm).

Price: Rates start at $30.00 (+tax) per 10 minutes. 

Distance: 45 minute drive from downtown Ottawa.

Le Ciruit Quyon is a family-owned go karting track that’s been in operation for over 40 years! Their outdoor track is just under a kilometer long, featuring fast straightaways and challenging tight corners. 

This track has junior karts for kids aged 7 and older (as long as they meet the necessary height requirements). 

They also have double karts for those who want to race with friends, or with kids who are under age.

What makes Le Circuit Quyon unique is that it’s also home to the Ottawa-Gatineau Karting Championship (OGKC). This is a competition kart series featuring racing in a variety of categories at the Club level.

If you’re keen to join the karting competition, you can sign up for karting 101 course or private go kart coaching at Le Circuit Quyon.  

4. Mont Tremblant Académie de Karting

Top speed: 45km/h

Opening hours: Le Circuit Quyon is open during spring, summer and early fall. Hours are Wednesday to Friday (12pm – 6pm) and Saturday to Sunday (11am – 6pm).

Price: Rates start at $30.00 (+tax) per 10 minutes. 

Distance: 1hr 50min drive from downtown Ottawa.

For competitive Ottawa go karting, head to the Academie de Karting, located in Mont-Tremblant. 

This outdoor go karting track is home to the Jim Russel Driving school.

At this track you can book sessions that are supervised by experienced instructors, who will introduce you to go karting.

You can sign up for a range of their coaching programs for individuals or groups, which teach theoretical sessions about driving, as well as on-track practices with their instructors. 

If you’re interested in competition karting, this is the place to go! 

Academie de Karting’s courses will enable you to apply for an official competition karting license and access to races and championships.

This go kart track isn’t a recreational one. This is where to go if you’d like to learn competitive karting. 

How old do you have to be for go karting in Ottawa?

At most Ottawa go karting tracks, the minimum age to drive a kart is 12, or, a person must be over 5 feet tall. 

For drivers under the age of 18, adult accompaniment is usually required.  

Some tracks, like Top Karting and Amigo Karting have options for “junior” karting. These are smaller go karts which are meant for children under the age of 12. 

For children who are too young or don’t reach the height requirement for go karting, a double kart is a great solution! At Top Karting and Le Circuit Quyon, parents can take their young kids in a kart with them. 

Regardless of how old you are, go karting tracks in Ottawa will ask you to sign a waiver before racing. 

Wrap Up: Ottawa Go Karting Locations

Whether you’re looking to take the kids out for an afternoon of fun on the tracks, or wanting to join in on some driving competition, you can’t go wrong with Ottawa go karting.

One thing to note:

Go karting is an outdoor activity, so be sure to plan your racing day according to the forecast. 

On cooler days, you’ll want to dress warmly and wear gloves. 

Happy driving! 

Looking for more adventurous activities in Ottawa? I recommend checking out the Interzip – the world’s only interprovincial zipline in the world!

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